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Frequently asked questions

Q - When should I move my youngster/puppy from puppy formula to adult formula?

​A - Youngsters are ready for switching over from puppy to adult formula, according to their breed size              and  age, ​and the following can be referenced as an indication

      Toy and small size breeds (Yorkie, Pomeranian, Jack Russel) - Between 9-12 months

      Medium size breeds (Border Collie, Labrador) - Between 12-16 months

      Large size breeds (German Shepard, Boerboel) - 15-18 months

      Giant Breeds (Great Dane, Irish wolfhounds) - 18-24 months

      Each and every dog should be judged individually, as even within the same breed you will find                    individuals with different feeding needs and requirements.

Q How do you know if my dog is allergic to gluten? What are signs of a potential gluten sensitivity in              dogs?

A - 1. Dull, poor coat.

      2. Frequent diarrhea.

      3. Weight loss.

      4. Chronic ear infections.

      5. Red, itchy paws.

      6. Constant chewing or licking of paws.​​

      7. Constant or continues scratching even when treated for and no signs of ecto parasites

Q - How long will it take before I will see a difference with my dog's skin condition?

A - You should start seeing a difference in about three weeks, depending on how well the dog's immune          system reacts to the decrease in inflammatory reactions in its body. If after three months you see no            difference or alleviation of the symptoms, the allergic chain reaction is caused by something else, and        the dog should be consulted by a vet to determine what allergy the dog has.

Q - My dog has several allergy issues. What should I feed my dog?

A - Gluten intolerance is the most common allergy found in dogs. It is often the case that the gluten                  in the diet is the starting block of all inflammatory reactions in the dog's body. And by removing the            gluten out of the diet, helps to alleviate most if not all of the other allergic reactions.

Q - If my dog is on another brand of dog food, and I want to switch to Breeder's Recipe, how should I go          about it?

A - Any change in diet should be done gradually to prevent a disruption to the gut flora of the                            gastrointestinal tract. Start with a ratio of 90% current brand and 10% new brand. Reduce the current          brand and increase the Breeder's Recipe with 10% daily, till you are feeding only the Breeder's Recipe.

      Adding a probiotic to the food during transitioning will be hugely beneficial.


Q - What is the best way to store my food?

A - 1. Keep your bag sealed to prevent food going stale, or rodents form entering the food. Our new                    20 kg bags have a resealable zip lock system to ensure the bag stays sealed. Our 8 kg bags can be               decanted into a resealable container

       2. Do not put your bag on cold or damp floors like cement. Condensation will occur on the bottom               of the bag and cause mould to start.

       3. Keep your food/container in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

       4. If you store your food in a plastic container, remember to wash your container out with warm water               and soap detergent when adding new food. Make sure the container is completely dry before                     adding more food.

       5. Avoid storing your food next to any heat producing appliance (e.g. dryer, refrigerator) to prevent                 condensation forming that will will lead to mould development.

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